Teaching videos


A detailed look at string bending for the electric guitarist. In this short video I take a somewhat aggressive approach to bending in terms of your guitar soloing process. You should have a moderate ability to bend before attempting these techniques. If not, your fingers will collapse under the strain. If you insist on forging ahead (not the worst idea ever) please take your time. Bending strings is taxing on the fingertips to say the least and some time should be taken to allow the skin to take on some toughness. Nevertheless, the results from a progressive, detailed, and patient approach to this amazing and expressive technique will produce results that will add so much to your sound and delivery.

This is an initial discussion/lesson on phrasing for guitarists. Being that this is a topic with many ways to be expressed, I will certainly do more. This video will be followed by a series of short videos dealing with all the various methods of expressive guitar soloing. Each will be detailed and thorough  using short discussions and examples. This particular video is critical for developing guitarists who are looking to begin the process of refining their melodic lines during solos and fills.

Any comment or questions are certainly welcome. I will be happy to discuss your own approaches to the very interesting and engaging part of music making.