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“Landslide” Guitar Pro Score Fleetwood Mac (From The Dance)

“Landslide” Acoustic Guitar Tutorial “Landslide” Guitar Pro Score ===================================== Song/Album Info: Fleetwood Mac Released: 19 August 1997 Recorded Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California; 23 May 1997 Genre: Rock Length: 79:11 Label: Reprise Producers: Lindsey Buckingham and Elliot Scheiner ===================================== Stevie Nicks Quote from Wikipedia: She wrote the song while visiting Read More

Accept No Limits

“The Sky Is No Limit” – Guitar Instrumental. Here is the Vimeo Link This is an instrumental song about soaring to heights you’ve only dreamt of. But after listening, you must prepare yourself to live like there are no limits to your potential. Maybe then you will find that there really Read More

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez – “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Guitar Tutorial

Charlie Puth’s new single,  “We Don’t Talk  Anymore” (ft. Selena Gomez) contains a upper-intermediate to lower-advanced guitar part that will keep your concentration on high alert! Charlie Puth’s R&B burner, “We Don’t Talk Anymore” consists of two separate but similar chord progressions, However, beware as one little slip can cause a bit Read More

“What Do You Mean” – Justin Bieber (Tabs)

Here is the bridge section: What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber (Bridge Section)

“What Do You Mean” Acoustic Guitar (Bridge)

Here is the PDF: “What Do You Mean?” Dan Kanter Acoustic (Bridge)

“LifeSpan: 8119” – A Tribute

“Lifespan 8119” – Electric Guitar/Synthesizer Original Song “Lifespan 8119” – Electric Guitar/Synthesizer Original Song https://www.youtube.com/user/mrcampy123 Written and produced by Mark Jeffery Campayno https://www.thecreativeguitar.com

New Original “Take That”

Okay, so sometimes you have to let out some aggression right? I say time and time again that I’m lucky to have my guitars to do that in a way that is socially acceptable. I don’t go out and drink, I don’t have time to play organzed sports, soooo….I have Read More

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New Original Song: “New Spring, New Direction”

New Original Song – Acoustic Guitar ᏁᏋᏊ ᎦᎮRIᏁᎶ, ᏁᏋᏊ ᏰᏋᎶIᏁᏁIᏁᎶ – ᏘᏨᎧUᎦTIᏨ ᎶUITᏘR Produced and Performed by *Mark Jeffery Campayno* (Please use headphones) https://www.youtube.com/user/mrcampy123 MY NOTES: A dedication of sorts to the massive amount of female guitar players new to the scene. It’s one of the great movements in the Read More

Carlos Santana “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)” Cover

Here is the Soundcloud Link for my cover of Santana’s “Europa” Carlos Santana is certainly one of my all-time favorite guitarists. When I analyze how I play and phrase melodies and moments in my solos, I clearly hear the Santana influence. Why? I’m not sure. As I was developing as Read More