“Light the Candle” – An Acoustic Guitar Improvisation



“Light the Candle” – An Acoustic Guitar Improvisation
Produced and Performed by Mark Jeffery Campayno
As we move through life one things certain, we will experience loss. No matter the circumstance it is a sad
fact of life. The loss of a family member, friend, love, pet, or even an object or possession, can stay with us
for ever.
The best we can do is hope for either a memory or a “coming to terms” so that the loss can be managed.
Sometimes, neither is possible and we go through life with a pain that will not leave our souls.
This musical interlude is a picture of the emotions in descriptive and melodic sequences. In this short musical
improvisation I hope you can hear the sounds of the many emotions that encompass on the the most
challenging aspects of daily life…loss. I hope you enjoy!


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