Of course it’s about a girl.

Of course she owns the night. She owns your days too.

“Hey Everybody” – 5 Seconds of Summer Guitar Tab

Guitar Tabs with Notation for “Hey Everybody” 5 Seconds of Summer “Hey Everybody” Verse Power Chords “Hey Everybody” – Main Riff “Hey Everybody” Chorus “Hey Everybody” Interlude Bass Riff  

“What Do You Mean” Acoustic Guitar (Bridge)

Here is the PDF: “What Do You Mean?” Dan Kanter Acoustic (Bridge)

Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

========================================= “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber is the lead single from the Canadian pop singer’s new studio album. “WDYM”, described as summery and upbeat, is going to be released on August 25th, 2015. Ryan Seacrest first broke the news about this song on his KIIS FM radio show Read More

Genre Labeling…How fast is it disappearing?

Story:  Inspired by God, Prayer For World Peace is a song that calls for the end of the sensless wars that plague our world. With beautiful vocals that have no distinct language, the goal was to create an atmosphere of peace to impact anyone of any language. This song features Read More

My review of Lana and her new single “High By The Beach”.

Article Here!⇒ Lana Del Rey: A Musician for Our Time

One of the best Jazz sites on the Web!

Click here! ⇒Jazzigator’s Jazz Blog Want to keep up with the latest in jazz? She’s got it! How about great interviews? She’s got it! Click here!⇒Jazzbytes! How about beefing up your media presence? Yes, of course she’s got it! Click here!⇒Jazzigator’s media machine methodology! There is no music more complex, more Read More

Electric Guitar Tutorial for New ONE DIRECTION’S NEW RELEASE!

One Direction’s new hit “Drag Me Down” is a great example of tight, compact rhythm guitar playing. This is a great way to learn to develop your right hand strumming using full and half barred minor and major chord shapes.


Well, I’m surprised I didn’t do this long ago. My decision to change the name of my production company from Markiboy Productions to LIONCAMP PRODUCTIONS was long overdue. Obviously, outside influences came to bear on my decision. My resemblance to a lion needs no real explanation. I’ve become accustomed to Read More

“LifeSpan 8119” – An Electric Guitar/Synthesizer Original Song

Video Link Here “LifeSpan 8119” A musical journey in memory of two dear ladies who passed through my life in much different ways. Both had a tremendous impact on me.