A legendary live version: Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”.

May 29, 2017

“Perfect” is Ed Sheeran at his best. 

My tendency is to dismiss new artists, or the latest fad musician, especially when they come with baggage. That baggage of course is hype. “So and so is the greatest ever.” “Trust me, you’ve never heard anything like this!” Blah, blah, blah and blah. Well, it has happened again. Ed Sheeran for me was good, I got that early on. But, I came through the back door where it was safe. Incognito, so no one else would know. I could like this artist because of his guitar playing. He had a pleasant voice, but I ignored it and focused on the guitar. The same could be said for my introduction to Andy Grammer. At first I saw him as a talented singer/songwriter with well-structured and organized songs and production. Then, came “Fresh Eyes” and I totally got Andy’s vibe.

But alax, that is now history and I totally get it with Ed. He is the complete musician with a voice is superb in a way that most legendary singers voices are: unique, powerful, descriptive, surprisingly delicate and most of all, expressive beyond words. He sings about love lost and found and can turn lyrical writing into engaging stories about lives we all lead. Full of pain, sorrow, happiness, and exhiliration, Ed Sheenan has no peer.

It may have taken me four years too long but I have finally saw the genius in Ed’s music. At least it didn’t take me as long as it did to come around to Fleetwood Mac, that only took twenty years. You young people need to cherish these days with Ed as you will look back on them and say, “Hey I was with him from the beginning.” Yes, the beginning that will not end too soon.

The Song

One of the greatest of Ed Sheeran’s live performances, the hit “Perfect” comes across so well that I have forgotten that there was an original version. When an artist can pull that off, then it’s safe to say that his time has come. Just give Ed his legend status now okay?

Here is Part 1 of my guitar tutorial of Ed’s acoustic performance of “Perfect” live from iHeartRADIO. It’s fairly straightforward, but does contain a few little Ed-isms along the way. The tuning is standard and the technique will be fingerstyle. Your chord list is G C D Em. Ed does go from regular chord forms to the newer “lockdown” shapes as the song progresses. All that will be covered in the video.

“Perfect” Live from iHeartRADIO

“Perfect” Ed Sheeran Guitar Tutorial

Ed Sheeran “Perfect” Guitar Pro PDF

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